Natalie Dubreuil

our sensual escapades await





If you are under 18 years old or offended by nudity, please leave this website. All exchanges are for time and companionship only.




Let’s start playfully.

Flirt with me by feeding me a bit of warm, gooey crème brûlée at dinner. Tease me by stroking my thigh under the table and whispering something sensual in my ear.

I am a highly sensual and affectionate woman. I crave authenticity, great chemistry, and making genuine connections.

Show me who you really are. Explore me, mold me, control me: seduce me.

Can you handle it?  The man whose company I enjoy the most is the one who is wise, mature, yet young at heart, and always ready for unforgettable adventures. A man who has composure yet knows how to feel vulnerable with the right person who will listen to him without any judgements, and appreciate him for who he is.  

While of French and African descent, I was raised in the U.S. and had an "All-American" upbringing. From an early age I moved around quite a bit and have thus lived in a number of cities in the U.S. and Europe, which has shaped my attitude and perspective. The best description of me would be a combination of an American girl-next-door and an European sophisticate: fun-loving and elegant.


Unfortunately for now, we’re still strangers.

Unless you'd like to change it?


découvre moi


I am of...

French and African descent. I was raised in a few countries in Europe and Africa before moving to the U.S. I'd describe myself a “Third-Culture Individual”.


my personality in 3 words:

Soft-spoken, Sincere, and Optimistic.


my interests:

Rock concerts, Traveling to new destinations, Pilates, Barre workouts, Making crêpes, Reading graphic novels, Interior design, Farmer markets, Classical art. 


My favorite food & drinks:

Food: Sushi, Seafood, Olives, Crêpes, Liege Waffles, Paella, Lemon/Grapefruit sorbet. 

Drinks: Sparkling water with lemon, Blood Orange Pellegrino, Kombucha, Guava juice, (No-Alcohol). 


my favorite type of dates:

Although I enjoy all dates, I love dinner dates (4-6 hrs) because they allow us to know each other while tasting delicious food! I also enjoy overnights and weekend getaways.


my favorite restaurants:

NYC: Jungsik, Masa, Eleven Madison, Daniel, Per Se, Aquavit.

LA: Mélisse, Nobu Malibu, Mastro's Steakhouse.


MY FAVORITE musicians:

Nirvana, Beck, Foals, The Chemical Brothers, Kasabian, Franz Ferdinand, Dead Kennedys, Megadeth, Slayer.


my favorite books:

Fahrenheit 451, Goosebumps, Persepolis, 1984, The Kite Runner, Slave, Blankets, The Glass Castle.


my favorite movies/documentaries:

Apocalypto, Planet of the Apes, God Bless America, Food Inc., Catch Me If You Can. 


Some of my favorite TV shows:

Stranger Things, American Horror Story, BoJack Horseman, South Park, The Chef's Table.