Natalie Dubreuil

notre petit secret


Our time together is special and should be enjoyed with unhurried appreciation. Therefore, I have a preference for longer engagements.


1.5h Rendez-Vous -  1,200

2h Introduction  -  1,500 

3h Romantic Affair  -  2,000

4h Dinner & Dessert  -  2,500 

6h Day/Night Out  -  3,500


14h Sublime Overnight-  5,000

24h Delightful Day - 8,000

48h Blissful Retreat - 10,000

72h Lustful Vacation - 12,000

7 days Sensual Escape - 20,000


For the gentleman on the run: 1h Tryst - 800

important details

- All cancellations made 72 hours or less before our date incur a 50% cancellation fee.

- All dates of 4 hours and beyond require a 25% deposit.

- I'm happy to meet with people from any race, ethnicity, or religion.


Are you looking for a steamy Ménage-à-trois? Here are some girls I love to play with:

Ebony: Yasmine RoseOni Zarina, Noura Kaidu

Brunettes: Natalie Mae

Asians: Li Mei, Jade Wang

Latinas/Mixed: Mia Hug, Carmen Amar


As a true Bisexual I enjoy both men and women equally; therefore, the rates for you are the same as my standard packages. There is no time minimum, however for the best experience possible I recommend you book at least two hours.