Natalie Dubreuil

our adventure


Why wait when you can have me anywhere, anytime?

Whether it's spicing up a business trip in London, cuddling at your vacation home in Vermont, lounging at the beach in the Maldives, or simply a one-on-one visit in your hometown, I am always ready to go. With a well stamped passport, multilingual skills, and a heart consumed by wanderlust; I can help you forge beautiful memories one city at the time.

I'm happy to spend time with you wherever you are for a minimum of a:

6h Day/Night Out: If you're located in the US.

14h Overnight: If you're located outside the US, or in Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

6h Day/Night Out  -  3,500

14h Sublime Overnight-  6,000

24h Delightful Day - 8,000

48h Blissful Retreat - 12,000

72h Lustful Vacation - 14,000

7 days Sensual Escape - 20,000

PS: Flight tickets and transportation are additional to my rates. First or business class tickets are always appreciated.

All scheduled travel dates require a 25% deposit + transportation expenses in advance.